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Operation Transformation weight tracker app
What is the "OT Weight Tracker" app all about?

"OT Weight Tracker" is a mini-web application for fans of OT where users can track their progress against their chosen leader and access key information while on the move. While the OT "Weight Tracker" can be accessed from the main WWW.RTE.IE/OT website using a desktop or laptop it was built primarily with mobile users in mind.

OT Weight tracker on your Mobi

(1) iPhone users can download the app from the Apple App Store.

(2)Android users can download the OT weight tracker app from the Google Playstore.

(3) or you can simply access the OT Weight tracker app on your mobile by going to www.myot.ie on your browser.
(Dont forget to bookmark it on your phone!)



What is BUDDY+?

BUDDY+ feature allows you to monitor the progress of a friend. Enter their Buddy ID and Username into your Buddy list. Their data is shown on your dash board graph for comparasion. To view their full data table, Goto BUDDY+ and click on their username. You can now see their dashboard.




How do I see my Buddy ID?

Click on the ME tab or the BUDDY+ tab, you will see your Buddy ID beside your User Name.




 How do I enter my weight if I forgot on the day?

Click on the yellow "Day" on your dashboard to select the Day you want to enter data for. Then click WEIGH-IN and enter data and SAVE.


How do I change the Leader I want to follow?

Click on the "ME" tab, select a new leader and SAVE.


Want to make a suggestion or have a question about the OT Weight Tracker?

Send us an email to optranexperts@gmail.com


Have a question about weigh-loss, diet, recipes or excerciss?

Email your questions to optranexperts@gmail.com and the experts will endeavour to answer them during the week

Email the experts